Maximize the value of IBM DOORS

for your organization and boost product quality and team efficiency by state-of-the-art requirements management.

Understand how IBM DOORS classic and DOORS Next will respond to your needs and which option will finally provide the best solution for your engineering environment.

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Tap into 25 years of experience and a proven track record of successful requirements engineering projects.

Integration & OSLC

Boost efficiency by seamless integration of your specialists across disciplines.


Save time by automating previously cumbersome manual processes (reviews, release documentation, etc.).


Learn from renowned experts how to get the most out of your investment into DOORS classic or DOORS Next.

Sharing Requirements

See how collaboration across the value chain is facilitated by using ReqIF as a common standardized notation for requirements.


Want to move from IBM DOORS classic to DOORS Next? Check here to learn about your options moving forward.

Licensing & Pricing

Yes, pricing models can be confusing. Browse through your options and identify which model best fits your needs.

History of DOORS

Check out the origin and highlights of IBM DOORS evolution over 30plus years


The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OSLC) is a widely available, vendor-independent standard for seamless integration of tool repositories. Engineering teams are able to link and access assets from different repositories without requiring copies.