Integration of IBM DOORS or DNG with Jira and other tools based on OSLC Connectors

The Open Services for Lifecycle Collaboration (OLSC standard) simplifies integration across multiple tools used throughout the software and systems development lifecycle.

OSLC technology values linking of data, over synchronizing data. Linked data will not have copies, can always require authentication before views, and can be updated when the data owner determines a change is needed—all without having to track down and refresh in multiple systems through manual or automated means. All engineering artifacts exist only once and are accessible from any OSLC compatible tool.

Solving integration problems in earlier engineering phases

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Why engineers need OSLC for tool interoperability

  • Real-time access to engineering artifacts at any time from within your favorite lifecycle tool, including real-time visibility of updates, changes, and enhancements.

  • Data accuracy: OSLC ensures the accuracy of data at any point in time (no copies, no different versions).

  • Accelerated delivery: iteration cycles and time-to-market are shortened. No time is wasted for synchronizing data and administrating relationships between change requests, requirements, test cases, etc.

  • Data automation: complete up-to-date data is automatically provided, reducing the need for manual data collection and assembly.

IBM Jazz applications offer native support for OSLC

No matter which IBM Jazz product you are using or planning to use: they all have native OSLC support already built-in or it can be easily added with a simple add-on module, e.g. DOORS Web Access (DWA) for IBM DOORS classic or Model Manager for IBM Rhapsody.

OSLC Connectors

SodiusWillert’s OSLC Connect for Windchill links PTC Windchill to IBM Jazz tools, including IBM DOORS Classic and DOORS Next. Users can enable workflow integration, requirement traceability, change management, and impact analysis by integrating and connecting repositories with OSLC technology.

SodiusWillert’s OSLC Connect for Jira links Jira to IBM Jazz tools, including IBM DOORS Classic and DOORS Next. Users can link, access, and report on live data respecting the software development lifecycle, requirements of the product, meeting regulatory approvals, and providing proofs of compliance.

IBM DOORS Web Access not only allows DOORS to be OSLC ready but also gives users a browser-based access to Modules and their contents. Combining DWA with OSLC Connect for Jira bridges the gap between your Software and Engineering teams