Customization in IBM DOORS with DXL
Customization in IBM DOORS with DXL

How to do customisation in IBM DOORS with DXL

Would you like to have automated control of individual processes? E.g. reviews and releases of requirements.
Customisation of IBM DOORS made simple with DXL (DOORS eXtension Language)

The Rational® DOORS® eXtension Language (DXL) is an easy-to-learn scripting language that you can use to control and extend IBM DOORS Classic functions.

  • Automate routine or complex tasks, such as calculating attribute values.
  • Respond to events by triggering custom programs.
  • Add your own options to Rational DOORS menus.
  • DXL syntax is like C and C++.

Making scripting easy with DXL (DOORS eXtension Language)

DXL Editor

SodiusWillert has developed a DXL editor for IBM Rational DOORS, which meets the current demand of engineers. From syntax highlighting to script execution based on breakpoints, the DXL Editor offers a state of the art development environment which is powered by the Eclipse platform. 

DXL Library

The DXL interaction window allows you to run many DXL programs. By accessing the DXL Library which comes for free with DOORS Classic, you can easily implement many prewritten programs that will greatly enhance your processes. Learn more on how to access this library on the IBM Support portal.